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  • + 1) What is included in the vacation rental?
  • In all the bungalows we provide bedding, bed sheet, pillows and blanket to make your stay comfortable.
    In certain bungalows we provide Towels and Toiletries we suggest checking with us about the same beforehand.

  • + 2) What do you need to carry to make your stay comfortable?
  • All guests should carry their own tooth brush, tooth paste, light sweaters, swim suits, bath towel, toiletries, Mineral water jars etc. Most properties will NOT have paper towels, bathroom tissue, soap, or cleaning products.

  • + 3) What time is check in? What time is check out?
  • Standard check-ins take place between 12:00 pm and Check out take place at 10:00 am. Please schedule arrivals and departures accordingly. Early check ins and late check outs is subject to availability please discuss the extra charges for early and late check ins and out at the time of bookings. Weekends Check in and out timing are flexible so please check with us at time of processing the booking.

  • + 4) How much money is due for booking?
  • For all vacation rentals 100% amount is due upon reservation in certain cases if the amount is large we can look for an alternate arrangements.

  • + 5) Is there Air conditioning in the bungalows?
  • In almost all the bungalows we provide air conditioning units it is always better to check out the details of the bungalow on the webpage under the property description.

  • + 6) What is the Provision for meal?
  • We have organized a homely made meal plan for our guest coming for stay to make their stay hassle free and enjoy the best ever Veg / Non Veg meal plan with us. We charge Rs. 500/- per person for 3 meals a day i.e. Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner .Certain bungalow are strict for Vegetarians so we do not allow intake of Non Veg food inside the bungalow, please check with us about the same beforehand.

  • + 7) What if we will like to cook our own meal?
  • We have Certain bungalows having a option where our guest can use the kitchen by paying a small fee to prepare their own meal and make their stay more comfortable please check with us for the same beforehand.

  • + 8) What is the Security deposit we need to pay apart from the vacation rent?
  • There is a security deposit fee which is to be payable at the time of check in which is usually being charged to maintain the property from any damages occur during the stay of the guest at the property . Security deposit fee is refunded back on check out to the guest after checking out the property is in damage free condition. Please report any problems or damages observed upon check-in. Unreported problems and / or damages are assumed to have occurred during occupancy and guest shall be held responsible for those damages.

  • + 9) What about the electric supply?
  • Some vacation rentals have battery backups for the property. We suggest checking with us about the same beforehand.

  • + 10) Are your Vacation rental pet friendly?
  • Almost all are properties are pet friendly but please check with us for the same beforehand.

  • + 11) What are the timings of private villa with swimming pool?
  • The properties with private swimming pool would have an access to the pool from 8 am to 8 pm strictly no sought of music should be played near the pool area and littering of foodstuff around the pool.

  • + 12) In case of any damage or breakage, do you bill the guest?
  • Yes, all breakage of glassware and damage to property will be billed accordingly.

  • + 13) Are drugs and prostitution allowed?
  • Drugs and Prostitution are very STRICTLY PROHIBITED in any of our properties. NO DRUGS should be possessed nor consumed by any guest on this property. If any guest is found indulging in the same, we will terminate the booking immediately and all guests will have to vacate the property instantly and unconditionally without any refunds whatsoever. A Police Complaint will be registered.

  • + 14) can it be given to pregnant woman?
  • Yes, we can give it. In fact it will be good energy source in second and third trimester when healthy calories are needed in more quantity. Also no preservatives, give added benefit.

  • + 15) can we give it to sick person?
  • If medically there is no restrictions on oral feeds then one can definitely offer it. Its calories, proteins, minerals, fiber will be beneficial in good recovery.